The year was 2011 when Fredrik, Patrik and Tim got sick of their former band and left.

The joy of playing music had left them and they wanted a heavier sound than their previous band Vatra.

After some time they settled for the name Zematary as a temporarily name and it didnt take long before the joy was back.

The sound was heavier and more melodic than it was in

Vatra and even if the process were slow, it wasnt without purpose.


Sometime later, in the fall of 2012, they reunited with their old singer and frontman Philip.

At the sametime they recorded their first song, Broken at Huset in Huddinge. Though on this recording Fredrik had to lay down the vocals since Philip entered the band about two days after the vocal recordings were done. After a few months the boys hit the stage for the first

time, playing a few gigs and recieving overall good feedback from people. Though in the fall of 2013, tragedy struck and Philip parted way with the rest of the band.


But that didnt keep the boys from playing. In early 2014 they started to lay down the tracks for an EP and they finalized the recordings from Huddinge which resulted in a self titled demo.

At the same time as the finalization of the demo took place, they found someone to pick up the second axe that the band had been without for so long.

Christopher joined the band and the sound got even heavier and more melodic with Fredrik behind the microphone and a twin axe attack.


In January 2015, Tim unfortunately jumped off the band.

We parted like friends and still has a good connection to him! We wish him the best of luck in the future!

We have tried out new guitarists, and we found one that can keep up to our standards!

Rasel Dada picked up the guitar and started the tryouts for the new position in Zematary.

Allready after 1 rehearsing, we heard that he was our guy.


We played a couple of gigs with Rasel.

They went great, and we felt that he was a really good guitarist, but not maybe for Zematary.

After some time we felt that he needed to find the band he was destined for.

In April 2016 we decided to tell Rasel this news, and we hope that he understood that it was for the best.



Zematary are

Fredrik Högkvist - Bass/Vocals

Patrik Alexandersson - Drums

Christopher Larsson - Guitar


Former members

Philip - Vocals

Tim Leikman - Guitar

Rasel Dada - Guitar